My passion is simple- blonding. As a blonde myself I have been through it, we all know the struggle.  It’s all about keeping it bright, healthy, and consistent. I’ve focused my career on turning the average blonde into a gorgeous glowing platinum, and to be fair I absolutely love every second of it. Healthy & safely. I believe in precision, technique, and patience when it comes to taking care of my clients. My foundation for hair styling began at Toni & guy academy, and continues day by day to ensure that I stay up to date on all the latest trends. My background began on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I am Born & raised on the cape and islands, I have mastered how to keep those beachy waves to stay in humid, hot weather. I’ve begun the next chapter of my career in San Diego, and I am over the moon with how amazing this place is. Not only am I surrounded by other passionate stylists and warm weather, but by true creativity. Im ecstatic to continue my growth and education within the hair industry in the most fashion forward state in the Country.